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A daily email reminder to login and EXPERIENCEA 5-10 minute video with information, inspiration, & an EXPERIENCEEmail support from Angela if neededA deeper sense of feeling a connection to your physical self A strong sense of ALIVENESS

Your Questions Answered

What do you mean by email support?

Sometimes as one begins to experience in this somatic way, there can be some energy that is unfamiliar.  IF that happens and you need to dialog about it a bit, I’m this close… EMAILME

Will this really help me feel more alive?

This short time commitment is very effective.  Most of us are not used to noticing our felt sense.  By putting our attention consistently and gently on our body’s sensations in the present moment, the door is opened to feeling a deeper sense of aliveness.  That’s the long answer.  The short answer is YES!

How do I access the videos?

You’ll receive an email daily to remind you to login to your membership site… it’s easy.  Just click the link!

Do I have to watch the videos?

Just listening is absolutely an option.  There are some visual aids that might be helpful at times AND most likely just listening will work just fine.

Doesn’t SE require one on one sessions?

Somatic Experiencing is my number one tool as a coach and in my own life for creating sustainable goals that my clients can complete.  YES, one on one sessions are very powerful.  This series is meant to support those sessions landing more profoundly AND yes, just participating in this program will significantly  support nervous system regulation and capacity.

What is your refund policy?

This is an investment in yourself AND I want it to feel good and for you to experience a shift.  If you want to tip toe in and try the first 7 days for FREE… click here.

AND once the full package is purchased, there are no refunds.

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