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Somatic. Astrology. Joy.

Understand YOU. Accept YOU. Be the best YOU.

Freebird Habit Coaching

Somatic Astrology Coaching

Understand YOU. Accept YOU. Be the best YOU.

Here's the first HABIT on the menu - Connect to a sense of well-being every day.

One Month. More Joy.

A free coaching series to connect you to daily JOY.

Plus, (Hooray) you'll get the FREEBIRDLAND Email - Free Video Coaching via email that will inspire you to connect to more JOY

Freebird tools for becoming a Fabulous habit creator

Time to ditch the self-sabotage

Somatic Experiencing

Unlock your subconscious and release beliefs that are holding you back. 


Align with strengths.  Tools for challenges. Compassion for the journey.

Psychology of eating

HOW we feel about eating is as important as WHAT we eat. 

Course in miracles

There is no order of difficulty in Miracles.

The Tarot

Cosmos connection and confirmation.


I learn it.  I live it.  I teach it. Repeat. 

True Story.  You don't have to be miserable on the way to feeling Vibrant, Healthy,
& Alive

I get it.  Suffering used to be my middle name too.  It’s an all too common mistake that healthy means DISCIPLINE and DEPRIVATION. Oh, and SUFFERING.  


Here’s what I am recommending:

Together, let’s learn more about YOU and how YOU work.  I’ve got power tools and I’m not afraid to use them.

Habits are key to achieving goals.  Goals (the right ones) and completion (of those goals) make life more enJOYable.  

Ready to become an expert in YOU?  Let’s go.

There's always a reason that makes sense when you stumble with your health goals. ALWAYS.

AND PS- it's not because you suck


You don’t need a magic wand…you  just need a bit of support flexing your imagination muscles.


Lay down your weapons.  Together we will get YOU and your body on the same side.


Unconscious blocks – we’ll banish them allowing YOU to be YOU in all your glory.

Do it!

Diana: “I am the man who can.”
Wonder Woman movie

Just push the button below… You can too!

Relax, there is a Solution that puts a halt to the suffering

Soon all your friends will wonder how the hell you became so happy ...And wait, do you really enjoy kale?

So many habits are worthy of your time and energy. (so many are NOT!) 

And YOU create habits differently than anyone else! 

Learn more about that and BOOM, you’ll become unstoppable at healthy habit creation.

“Every time you are willing to say ‘Yes’ to everything on your path, you express the hero inside of you.” -Maria Nemeth

Be your own superhero… CLICK below and say YES.

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