YES! Welcome to Freebirdland!

Hello class! 

Q: How do we reach goals?? 

A:  H A B I T S (healthy ones!)

First habit on the menu – More JOY (what could be more important than more JOY?)

FREE to you because I love it AND I teach it so I can remember to LIVE it!  (Coach, coach thyself)

As far as a commitment, it’s small.  (Hello, we barely know each other). You’ll receive a  welcome video and opening ceremonies shortly.  Then on Monday you’ll be receiving a short (under 10 minutes and some under 5) video followed by another short JOY coaching video on Wednesdays and Fridays for a month. 

Long enough to make a serious shift into creating a JOY habit.  Short enough to easily fit into your busy life.

Piece of cake, my friend, piece of delicious cake. 

 Welcome to Freebirdland.  I’m thrilled you are here.

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