All IN!

Show me the Solution

All IN!

Show me the Solution

Shift Happens

We do not heal alone

A life transformation will significantly change your body. 

AND to change your body (shape, size ,relationship to it), you’ll need to change your life.

This. Solution. Will. Support. YOU. Doing. That.


A Big Shift calls for Superhero Habits.

Change your life- have a good time doing it

What I have discovered by training in numerous coaching programs, getting coached myself, reading everything I could find about making changes, 7,252 workshops, along with my years of Somatic Experiencing® trauma therapy training (which by the way is the secret sauce to sustainable changes) was this:

Very few of us need more motivation.

If you are here reading this, you are motivated to change; you are ready to become the badass you were meant to be with your life.

What you (and I) need is support and redirection.

Let me repeat that:

What we need is targeted inspired actions that set up habits in a way that enJOYing the journey is possible.  (aka fun)

We also need  support embracing and working with (rather than against) our biology.

It is a big, huge, fat, full relief  to begin operating from a place of curiosity rather than always pushing yourself harder.

Will you be perfect?  God, I hope not.

Will you set up awesome habits that support a life of healthy, joy and some serious FUN?  Definitely.  

Introducing The BIG Solution

Oh My. WOW.

Here you are, ready to Rock your life.  I am thrilled to share with you a brief description of how signing up for The BIG Solution will support you feeling so much AGENCY in your habits and life!

There’s 5 solid steps that we follow as we embark on your Superhero transformation together.

That said, Do. Not. Worry.  You cannot be fit in a box and neither is your solution.  Hell to the No. 

However, nice to know that I do have a framework that we will completely overhaul to meet your needs.

We’ll meet weekly.

There will be homework however, I call it FUNwork.  Overwhelm is not in the plan so again. Do. Not. Worry.

Here’s a brief outline of the steps: 

STEP 1: Assessment the Asset

YOU are the asset. YOU awesome human you.  If you don’t feel like you are so incredibly fantastic yet, Do. Not. Worry.  We’ll talk about what’s working, what isn’t working AND your assets.  (YES, you have assets!). We’ll also start to set up resources… it feels good to have resources at your fingertips and resources you shall have.

STEP 2: Embracing Biology

What in the world does biology have to do with habits and Rocking your life?  Only everything.

Understanding and befriending the chemical bodily processes that influence who you are and how you behave creates the power to change.

Hooray! Because habits and behaviors are strongly influenced by our nervous system, applying the life-altering nontraditional coaching technique (Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Therapy) clears blocks and sets up positive habits that actually begin to stick!

This baby SE (aka Somatic Experiencing®) will be a serious game-changer for you. Guaranteed.  It is awesome. (again with my favorite word)

STEP 3: Permission for Sacred FUN (and TREATS!)

Now that you are working with (rather than against) your body’s chemistry, it’s time to start building ways to experience more pleasure and fun, along with full self-permission for treats.

You’ll need all kinds of rewards for practicing your new superhero habits. 

Who doesn’t love a treat or two or ten daily?

STEP 4: Spiritual Connection & Purpose

When we know in our hearts why we are on the planet, it directly influences how we choose to spend our time and energy – and it is another way to stay on track with changes (H A B I T S).

Purpose is the icing on the cake of life. It is what makes life delicious.

And Purpose is another antidote for anxiety and stress. Both things can block progress with habits so let’s disolve those out of your experience. 

STEP 5: Permission to Be

You will have an owner’s manual into YOU.  Now you can pick and choose without guilt where to spend your precious time and energy. 

We live in a time when there are so many wonderful options and yet without cultivating the “art of less.”  there is a big risk of getting back into familiar (unfun) grooves. 

Here’s where you create intentional actions to release what simply does not fit within your new life plan and that is your new skillset.

Whew, that’s a commitment just to read all that!  Well done. (woot)

Remember The Big Solution will be tailored for you.

We can add workouts if that’s your thing.  We’ll go at your speed.

There is plenty of time to discuss it. 

I love this job.  I love to chat Big Solutions.

I mean how many chances will we get to be in this human suit at this time on the planet??? (uh… ONE… so let’s make it FUN)

I am personally inviting you to reach out and I will personally walk you through all the steps and answer questions. OR already convinced… yahoo! Apply today. (that applying is lower down on the page BTW)

Imagine that Heathy Habits are FUN


Discover what is lurking below the surface that pulling you into the fridge late night.


How cool it will be to feel FREE to choose (on purpose from a sense of JOY) a FUN workout or a delicious salad.


The awesome part about HABITS is that they by definition are easy- once you create them.  Let’s get you some of those!

Imagine having more JOY in your life. Imagine knowing that even when things feel hard, busy or overwhelming, you know how to navigate to a place of calm, peace and can purposefully create a sense of well-being.

Here’s a couple of snapshots of what is possible when you do a JOY upgrade:

  • Imagine inadvertently making a mistake, saying something that wasn’t appropriate and instead of going into an anxiety spiral, you take intentional action and repair what went wrong. The energy of the blunder lingers briefly but the feeling of self-forgiveness shows up and you easily pivot into feeling excited about your next daily task.
  • Imagine waking up with a big workout on the schedule followed by a large to do list but upon noticing a certain level of fatigue, you simply choose to do an easy walk and postpone many of the things on the list so you can attend to your body with some rest and self-care practices. Remembering how taking care of yourself used to create a guilty feeling, you now notice the guilt has vanished and a sense of well-being has replaced it.
  • Imagine waking up and getting ready for your busy day and instead of feeling anxiety, you notice a sense of purpose and clarity flooding in. The schedule now feels like a pleasure rather than a bottomless pit.
  • Imagine as your head hits the pillow at night and you review your day, you notice that you have had many moments of delight coming from your new habits of being present. You marvel at how easily you are sticking with your new goals. You notice that you feel content.

These experiences or ones like them are possible. Absolutely. I can help you feel like this. APPLY BELOW!

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

More JOY Begins Below... (Yahoo!!)

So here you are. Bottom of the page. Well done.

That means there is something calling you to shift.

The JOY Upgrade might be the next best thing as you grow and evolve AND it might not be a great fit.

AND there is only one way to find out… apply today. Let’s talk about it.

I promise, I am not going to sell you on coaching with me. One of the things that brings me JOY is to help other people on their path. I’ve been in the helping people change business for a long time so I have resources, ideas and I know people.

So if I’m not the best fit, I will do my best to direct you to someone or into something else that is a good fit. Some of my best friends are therapists, I know a few shamans and I’ve read oh so many books on my journey to feeling happier in my body and content within my life.

It would be an honor to help you find your next step.

I strongly encourage you to take some action RIGHT NOW.

Once you are called to make a shift, the Universe will continue to nudge you in that direction. It is a human condition to not make changes unless we get uncomfortable enough (aka in enough pain) that we have to move forward.

So don’t wait for more pain or uncomfortableness, there’s enough of that happening in the world right now. Take some action today by applying below.

Another human condition is to take the easier path.

That easier path is applying below so we can connect and get you to more JOY daily (with my Upgrade program or with something else… like I said, I have not gotten to this part of my journey alone, I know people).

Mary Oliver wrote, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Let’s discuss your answer! Apply below.

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