Let's PLAY

Ready to enJOY creating healthy habits?

Let's PLAY

Ready to enJOY creating healthy habits?

Tired of feeling like a failure with your goals and health plans?

So yucky when... UGH... you fall down on your new habit.. again.

I mean, Oh. My. Wow. We know what will make us feel better. 

For the love of Thor and all other hot superheros, why can’t we stick with it???

Anyone else… Sick. To. Death. of trying so hard without big success?

Or even medium success?

Okay, I’d like even baby success. 

Yep! I get it.  This is why I made it my job to figure out solutions. 

Enough of the suffering.

And enough of the pain point. 

You are here which means something is feeling really hard about staying on track with positive behaviors.

Let’s get to the dessert, shall we?

Wonderwoman… move aside… there’s a new superhero in town… YOU!

Let’s start with the FREE stuff…⬇️

One Month. More Joy.

A free (I know right??!) video coaching series to help you develop your JOY muscle!

Still reading?

Awesome. (favorite overused word- sorry, not sorry)

Here are four options for receiving Freebird Coaching Support with JOY and habits:

1. Need to get stronger?

I'm your huckleberry... I mean, personal trainer.

Exercise is a chore.  Movement is FUN. 

I’ve got options. Here are they are.

Let’s get you moving in a way that makes you feel better not worse when you are finished


*bonus* will get you into your jeans without having to lie on the bed to zip them.

PS- I’ve been a gym rat (aka personal trainer) for over twenty years… I’ve got tricks.  

PSS- most of my clients dislike (ahemmmm… hate) the gym… but I make it FUN so they do it

2. Coaching for healthy habits

You are unique and so are your habits

Everyone has their own way of operating in the world and yet, we often judge ourselves harshly for being “different” than others. 

Add in a bit of unresolved trauma (which most of us are unaware of) and suddenly we are not doing what we know we want to be doing.

I get being unique.  One of the reasons Astrology is one of my big loves.

I also get habits.  I’ll help you with your habits.

Go for it.

Fitness transformation

Personal Training + Freebird Coaching = BIG SHIFT.

Big Change. Big. Huge.



Why Astrology? 

Anyone else say they want to do *THIS *(a new big habit) and then turn around about 30 seconds later to find yourself doing the opposite? (Me! Hand raised here!)

Astrology is a tool that can help you understand why you do the things you do and more importantly HOW to do it differently.  Here are some of the big reasons to sign up for an astrology session:

Identify your strengths and USE them!

Understand your challenges and work with them.

Embrace the paradoxes with specific strategies

Develop compassion for yourself (and others).

Channel your energy appropriately to reach goals.

Access your unique spiritual connections.

have a goal that you just cannot reach?

4. Ready, set goals - my group program

Creating and rocking steady with habits will lead to goal completion.  Baby steps are the key.  

This program is by application only.  Please CLICK HERE for a CHAT about it.

Ready, Set, GOals!

Freebird coaching in a group with a group rate!

Not Sure- just need some help

Can’t decide?  Don’t even know where to start?  Let’s CHAT.  Schedule it HERE.

Why? Because I know people.  If I’m not a great fit, I will be able to direct you into a different direction on the way to your solution to sticking  with healthy habits.

We (humans) were designed to be in community.  We are not meant to suffer trying to stick to healthy habits… alone.  

PS- This chat is FREE.  Why?  Because I love this.  AND if I didn’t have expensive dog food, diesel for my one-ton Ram pickup truck (complete with a camper!!), and snowboard lift tickets to buy, I’d offer everything for free. 

This shift is FUN. 

That said, just take me up on this and become an expert not only in habits, but become an expert in YOU.

"Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love."

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