Oh YEAHHHHHHHH! More JOY in one month.

The Video Series is ON THE WAY!

Check your inbox (or possibly spam and green light it) and get ready to be inspired.

In the meantime, I would like to invite you to a FREE chat! Yep, FREE!

Let's talk about YOU

You having fun AND being healthy. 

It. Is. Possible.

There’s so much terrible information about how to be healthier. 


Deprive here. Suffer there.

Start. Quit (because it sucks). Start again. Quit again.  

Feel terrible about your efforts.

Feel terrible about yourself.

Ugh.  (opposite of joy)

Here I am, Angela Freebird, your JOY expert, habit specialist, and the Queen of making health fun.  

I am here to announce the good, no scratch that, fantastic, news:

Being healthy is not only possible; it is easier to sustain when it is enJOYable. (Party horn sound here!)

Now, before you dismiss that as a “yeah, right,” please take advantage of me… ur… I mean, take advantage of this excellent offer:

a *FREE* coaching session with me.

The value of this session is $150, and for now, It. Is. My. Treat. To. You. (for FREE).

Why? Because treats are my favorite. I gift them to myself daily as part of my personal JOY habit.  Here’s a treat for you (and me… I love this so much!).

Behold, the scheduling calendar on your right for your scheduling pleasure.

So. Easy.  I’ll see you soon! 

WHAT this session will cover:

  • Your unique way of creating habits.
  • How to choose habits that are important enough to take your precious energy.
  • How to cultivate the habit of confidence in yourself.

You are unique, and there are specific ways to know more about how to be you that set up the habit of JOY along with embracing health.  (ahhhh!)

And yes, you read that correctly over there. Let’s chat about YOU for *FREE*.

Also, important to note that you will get ME and my full attention on YOU at this session, so spaces are limited.  So, don’t wait.

This offer will expire so do it.  It’s easy.  Calendar above.  Schedule it now.

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