Functional Strength Training

Ditch dreading the gym

Functional Strength Training

Ditch dreading the gym


You. Looking forward to your workout!


Feel better not crippled post workout


Consistent strength training sets up other healthy habits

fun, fun, fun

Look great.  Enjoy the process.

Hoist one too many bags of groceries from your car with ease,
ski that blue diamond top to bottom,
enjoy the way you feel in jeans!
All that without injury, pushing, or pain.

“The best investment you can ever make is in your own health.” –Anyone who has lost their vitality


FUNctional Strength Training for your Life

Don't love the gym... join the freebird club.

Does the thought of a kettlebell or pull-up give you the shivers? It’s okay.

You do not have to turn into a gym rat to receive ALL of the benefits of a strength training program. 

Let me highlight a few bennies the CORRECT type of strength training will bring to your table:

Stronger performance in your LIFE.  #carryinggrocerieswithease!

Outside activities are more accessible! #nowwalkingisfun

Strength training is a KEYSTONE habit. #settingupothergreathabits

Beat your best ski buddy down the mountain on opening day. #prioritiespeople

Feel better NOT worse post workout.  #duh

Personal Training Solutions

Because it's worth it

Ways I can support you getting stronger in your very own life:

1: One on One Training

Don't wait- this is the time!

Your home (I’ve got the gear),

Zoom (I’ll get you the gear)


High Altitude Fitness (they have awesome gear).  

2: My Small Group Training

This is SUPER FUN!

Mondays & Wednesdays (and some Fridays) at 10 am!

3: Train YOU to train yourself

You've got this. I'll help you.

I’ll teach you WHAT is important to include in your workout,

WHEN and how often it’s a good fit for you to do so,


HOW to do it. 

This option comes with your very own workout sheet to have and to hold as you move forward into a strong badass version of yourself.

Includes an hour workout (high altitude, your home or outside) + workout sheet + short follow-up for questions. 

Workout Band Set for purchase is EASY and it will last for decades.


Oh.  My.  YES. 

You are ordering the BIG Change…


I have so much so say about this awesome package that I have yet another website page to explain it. 

Three things I will share here:

This is YOUR package. 

You and I tailor it considering your needs, time and investment capacity.


Your package includes:

  • Training sessions
  • Food consults (No shaming allowed)
  • The rest of my coaching tools, including using your astrology chart.


You will feel a sense of agency around your food, movement and other choices. 


OR if you are interested in reading more about it first, CLICK HERE.

Workouts should be FUN.

That’s my motto. It has been my operating principle for over twenty years.  Through being a groundbreaking small personal training gym owner to continuing to sharpen my coaching tools to really support people FEELING BETTER NOT WORSE POST WORKOUT.  (yep, had to pull out all caps on that one)

I’d love to chat with you about your fitness goals and needs. 

AND if that is too big of a commitment, please sign up for FREEBIRD Email list BELOW.  Being on that list signs you up for video coaching on how to rock habits (starting with a JOY habit). 

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