Freebird Fitness Transformation


Freebird Fitness Transformation

Tired of not feeling good in your body?

Your body size doesn’t have to deprive you

Tired of not feeling good in your body?

Your body size doesn’t have to deprive you

Anyone else experienced this insanity?

Determination Failure

You've bought the app, the equipment and you swear that THIS TIME you will stay with your routine!!! THEN BAM.


The dust has settled on the exercise bike and the new workout shoes have been hurled to the back of the closet to stop them from mocking you.

Frustration Wins

You head outside for your favorite activity only to find yourself...tired after just a few (ski runs, tennis volleys, gradual hills, minutes). UGH.


You leave and treat yourself to a croissant. (whoops)


You attend the local exercise class (hooray) only to wake up the next day to a sore lower back and very unhappy knees.


It withers motivation.

Your line in the sand fails.

You decide that THIS is the time to lose those Covid pounds once and for all, only to find yourself in the ice cream container after 3 glasses of wine the very next weekend.

Lots of swear words here!

I get that. It hurts.

It’s painful not to love your body.

Forget about love, you don’t even like it.

It doesn’t do what you want it to do or look how you want it to look.

AND try as you will… you can’t make a shift.


Transforming your body is possible

Very few of us need more motivation. 

Did you get that??  I know, right? It is true. 

If you are here in the middle of this big old website reading this, you are motivated to change.  (hooray for you)

Chances are, you’ve tried a lot of things without a lot of success. 

Am I right? 

There are SO many things that are dumb


don’t work!

There’s faulty information everywhere about losing weight and having a body transformation. 

No wonder Ben & Jerry’s (and WINE) sales are through the roof.

What you need is a sustainable solution.  

Here's your SOLUTION (Freebird style)

We workout together.
I'll make it FUN and you will stay safe and injury free!
We coach together.
You, Me and Your astrology chart and all kinds of other tools!
I'll make this FUN too, I promise
You transform not only your body but the way you feel about your body. 
AHHHH- the relief.
Slowly we taper the support to a "just as you need it" timeline so you can maintain the SHIFT.

Introducing (drum roll please) 🥁

Freebird Fitness Transformation

Freebird Fitness Transformation

All about the package deal!

Oh.  My.  Yes. Here you are, ready for a big change.

Let’s get that going for you asap.

My program is tailored to you individually. 

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to creating the body they love.  

These are the basic steps that will be tailored to your body, energy system, astrology and financial capacity.  

I’ve been doing this for *oh my* a few decades now.  

I’ve got your back.  We’ll get you where you want to go.

The Transformation Steps

The Transformation Steps

STEP 1: We Assess

We cannot get where we want to go without identifying and inventorying where we are NOW. 

As we inventory, we will create the VISION of what you really want.  (Do you even know?)

Your astrology chart will help us discern what is truly important and what is just nonsense.

As we integrate your hopes, dreams and desires into this transformation, we are gentle.  AHHHHH. 

Doesn’t gentle sound better than what you are doing now?

  Imagine your soft animal body as a wild gorgeous horse. 

We want to coax that beauty into enjoying yummy food, and befriend her so we can travel with her off into the glorious sunset.  It’s a huge mistake to come at this animal (make no mistake your biology is animal like) with a whip and stale oats. 

Eventually, you will become your own best horse whisperer.  (if you have no idea what a whisperer is… watch this movie… the bonus is Robert Redford, #yum)

STEP 2: We Embrace Biology

What in the world does biology have to do with body transformation?  


This is the step that sets the Freebird Fitness Transformation apart from other programs. 

This is the magic. 

Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Therapy clears blocks, frees energy which supports beginning and sticking with positive habits.


STEP 3: We Move & Eat & Play

Now that you are working with  your body’s chemistry (you have become a whisperer), it’s time to start creating a way of moving in the world that supports you getting where you want to go.   

Using dynamic eating psychology tools and mind-body nutrition we create a new sense of your body. 

Because of the Somatic Experiencing support, this will actually stick.  


We put it on REPEAT.

There will ALWAYS be bumps. Life happens.

This part of the program supports and ingrains your new habits. 

It also supplies a way back WHEN you get off track.  

PS- Everyone, I do mean everyone, gets off track.  The key is to know how to get back  ASAP. 

You will begin to KNOW (inside and out) how to get back on track.   


We all have a reason for being here. We need our bodies to function well to fulfill that purpose. AND we need to be in right relationship with our bodies to enjoy being in our purpose.  

We will work together to discover what this is.

(It’s super fun- I use your astrology chart as one of the tools here!!)

Then it becomes easy to embrace embodying this intention.

You. Are. Serious. (YAY!)

Since you are still reading then.. Nice.

Remember this Freebird Fitness Transformation (it will support you in completely transforming your body) will be tailored specifically for you.

I am personally inviting you to reach out and I will personally walk you through all the steps and answer questions. 

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