About Me

About Me

Hello there! 👊  So happy you made it to this page.

You. Getting. Stronger.

➡️ Ready to ditch dreading the gym?

➡️ Perhaps it's time to ditch the shame that comes from walking into your spare room and seeing that expensive exercise bike in the corner mocking you?

➡️ Ready to cease and desist beating yourself up for not being able to get into the skinny jeans?

Angela Freebird here.

I am HERE to offer my assistance with all of the above ⬆️ !
(and so much more!)

Who do I think I am promising all this support?

Excellent Question

I’ll tell you a bit about who I think I am.  I’m the Freebird.  Sometimes called the JOY Captain, Skippy, or even the Yardbird (I’m a bit of a scrapper).

Bringing my Twenty five years of experience !

Gulp!  I’ve been doing this for a very long time! You are in good hands.

Former Owner of Boutique Gym

Created, developed and ran a kickass group training gym here in Ketchum for 18 years  💛

I can help you stay the course in your desire to get fit, strong and healthy!

I make it enJOYable!

I’m in a deeply committed relationship with FUN so let’s do this thing together.  Button below! ⬇️ 

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